High energy electrolytes that keep your animal's muscles hydrated and fresh looking. Firepower will prevent dehydration, aid in dehydrating muscles, and give that pop before show. Feed 2 oz daily for two weeks prior to show as a top dress or in water. At show time give 5 oz in water 5 hours prior to show and again 2 hours prior to show. 

FIREPOWER works great on Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Swine, Horses and Chickens. 


Use FIREPOWER during times of stress. 


Times to use FIREPOWER


Birthing-Extra energy is needed. Keeps them from getting dehydrated. Replenish the microbes in the gut. 

Showing - Gives your show animal that extra Bloom and a fresh look. Pops the muscles on market animals to give a fuller apperence. Put them on several days prior to the show and they wont go off water at the show.

Traveling - Keeps them from getting stressed due to dehydration and lose of microbes.

Weather changes -  This time of the year is stressful on their gut due to shifts in tempataure. Extra enegery and microbes are called for.    

Illness - Prevents dehydration and keeps them drinking. They love the flavor and will drink FIREPOWER when they wont drink anything else

5 oz bag - $5.00

40 oz Jar - $30.00

5 lb Bucket - $50.00

10 lb Bucket - $79.50

25 lb Bucket - $150.00


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