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STONE TATTOO KIT- WITH EAR RELEASE The most popular tattoo used by leading Breeders and Associations. Precision made of a special aluminum alloy-very sturdy, yet lightweight, making it exceptionally easy to handle. Holds up to four digits with no blank digits necessary. The positive ear release prevents the points of the digits from scratching or blurring the tattoo mark. Outfit consists of plier, set of 3/8" digits (0-9) and 3 oz. jar of ink.





Standard Rotary Tattoo Outfit

Works hard, saves time and money, makes fast work of marking large herds. Fast, easy advance to the next number.  Nylon rollers and pawls.  Brass digit plates with nickel-plat4ed steel needles that punch clear tattoos. 

Standard model - features digits 0-9, with 2 blanks.  Includes pliers and 3 oz. ink jar.

Custom model - special order any combination of numbers, letters and blanks.

4 CHAIN - $215.95

5 CHAIN - $259.95









Automatic Show Lead


Gives nose shorter look than most leads.  Auto-lock design for easy removal.  Strong diecast aluminum.  Nose piece 2-1/4" x 1-1/4 " across center diameter. Overall length: 3-3/4"



 Aluminum Nose lead (shown) - $22.50


 Brass Nose lead (Not shown) - $24.50


Spring Lock Nose Lead (Not shown) - $14.95






A popular elastrator instrument for applying latex rings/bands used in tail docking and castration.  The durable construction is nickel plated yet lightweight, and is designed for easy application of the latex bands/rings.  Notched expanding fingers securely hold the rings.  The tapered nose  prevents dirt build-up.  Roller insures smooth operation.

BANDS 100 COUNT - $3.50






DRENCH GUNS - Ideal for dosing larger animals such as cattle and sheep.  The body is constructed of durable plastic with a curved metal drenching nozzle.  The drencher is adjustable by 10 ML increments and has a replaceable o-ring.
 200 ML (green) - $39.95

 300 ML (blue) - $45.00

600 ML (clear) -$79.95



An economical way to drench livestock.  Lightweight, easy-to-use drencher available in two sizes.  Non-automatic and dosage settings adjust easily.  Durable plastic body with brass nozzle.  Can be used with pour-on insecticides.  Replaceable o-rings available for both sizes.

60 CC - $24.50

150 cc - $34.50


50 ML Drench gun

50 ML Europlex® and threaded cannula makes giving medication or electrolytes a snap. 



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